Chief Inspector (Aviation)

Chief Inspector (Aviation)

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Chief Inspector is directly responsible to the CEO and President Director. He will be responsible for quality control of all maintenance activities. Chief Inspector has the authority to change procedures and practices that do not conform to CASR. He is responsible for the work accomplished by him in accordance with the Company’s Approved Aircraft Inspection Program (AAIP) in compliance with the CASR and Company Maintenance Manual. He must also have available and be familiar with current specifications involving inspections tolerances, limits, and procedures as set forth by manufacturers of the product undergoing inspections, and other sources of inspections information, including Airworthiness Directives, Service Bulletins, etc.


His specific duties are as follows:

  1. Plan, implement and direct inspection standards methods and procedures utilized by the Company in complying with applicable regulations and manufacturer’s requirement. 

  2. Project the number and type of qualified Company personnel and service as to integrate maintenance and inspection program requirements with productions and is responsible for the selection administration, training and performance of Technical Services personnel. 

  3. Coordinate planning personnel and services as to integrate maintenance and inspection program requirement with production activities, and ensure a level of consistency, accountability and control of work documents. 

  4. Maintain performing RII personnel, establish and administer the Required Inspection Items (RII) system that complies with CASR and Company requirements 

  5. Perform audits to ensure maintenance forms are properly completed and that Required Inspection Items (RII) is identified and satisfactory accomplished. 

  6. Responsive for the Receiving Inspection and monitoring Shelf Life Limitations of materials and part use by the company to assure that they are in compliance with Company requirement, manufactures specification and CASR. 

  7. Ensure that Repair Agency personnel are properly trained and authorized to sign for required inspection items (RII’s) and Airworthiness Release on Company aircraft and are familiar with the procedures outlined in the Company Maintenance Manual. 

  8. Conduct periodic audits of Maintenance Department’s and authorized Repair Agency’s operation and practices to assure compliance with the requirements of the Company Maintenance Manual and CASR. 

  9. Ensure initial SDR reports and all final SDR reports are completed and submitted to the DGAC in a timely manner. 

  10. Maintain the calibration records of company’s precision tools and coordinate their re-calibration when due. 

  11. Liaison with the Directorate General of Civil Aviation. 

  12. Chief Inspector may delegate his authority but not his responsibility. 

  13. Implement and conform to regulatory and manufacturer requirements, to ensure the Safety of staff and passengers. 

  14. Coordinates with DGCA inspectors on maintenance related Activities including C of A inspection and as necessary on Company maintenance matters. 






  1. Holds an appropriate AME license which has been valid for at least five years; 

  2. has had at least three years of diversified maintenance experience on similar types of aircraft with which the operations are to be conducted with an Air Operator or A.M.O., one year of which must have been as a maintenance inspector; and 

  3. Knows the maintenance parts of the PT. SGI manual and Operations Specifications, and the applicable maintenance provisions.
  4. He/she shall be trained for Inspector Course or equivalent.

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